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Snap-tite Products

Sher-Lok is excited to announce that, effective immediately, the following Snap-tite product lines will now be available at Sher-Lok Hose & Fittings.
Quick Couplings: 28-1/29 Series, 71 Series, 75 Series, GF Series, H/IH/PH Series, E/EA Series
Check Valves: CPIFF, 3C/S6C
From low to high pressure, Parker's Quick Coupling Division provides a full range of coupling solutions. E/EA Series is commonly used for laboratory applications and is ideal for vacuum service. Snap-tite H Series is a medium pressure, general purpose connection with a variety of material options. The Snap-tite 71 and 75 Series couplings are designed for rugged environments and high pressures typical to applications in the oil and gas, heavy construction and mining industries. Specialty connection, GF Series, has a max operating pressure of ½ psi for use with small propane appliances. 
Two new series of check valves have also been added to Parker's Quick Coupling family of valve products. CPIFF and 3C/S6C check valves provide a soft seat feature as an alternative style to their metal-to-metal sealing check valves. 
Please download the brochure for a in-depth look at a few of Snap-tites product lines. If more information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact a Sher-Lok representitive.

Parker FET High Pressure Non-Spill Couplings

Parker’s FET Series couplings are built to be used in high pressure, high impulse applications that require the security of a threaded connection and the ability to connect and disconnect under residual pressure. Manufactured from high grade materials, our FET Series couplings are built to be the work horse in the most demanding hydraulic applications. With a durable brinell resistant design and an unique stainless steel valve, these couplings provide a new level of performance in the coupling industry. Made in the USA, FET Series couplings are interchangeable with other European style thread-to-connect couplings.
For more information please download the FET Bulletin or contact Sher-Lok.

722TC Hose - SAE 100R12

Long Lasting Performance in
Demanding Applications
722TC hose was designed with performance in mind. Resilient 4-wire spiral construction and Parker’s leading Tough Cover® provide unmatched application usage. 722TC hose provides SAE 100R12 performance enabling its use in a wide variety of applications. 722TC hose is also one-half the bend radius of SAE 100R12 hose, making it easy to install and reducing the amount of hose needed.
Also, with Parker’s 772TC Hose, you can now use the same series crimp fitting that you would use with SAE 100R1 and 100R2 hose, eliminating the need to stock two different series of crimp fittings, dramatically cutting down on your inventory costs!

Parker Modular Crimpers

Modular Design with all the Familiar Parkrimp System Advantages:

Parker’s Hose Products Division introduces two new Parkrimp-style modular crimpers – the Karrykrimp and the Karrykrimp 2. The new modular design enables the customer to choose between the portability that Parker Karrykrimp crimpers have always offered, and the new option to make these same crimpers bench mounted units. The modular design gives users the flexibility of a portable crimper with the advantage of increased productivity when connected to the stationary power unit.
Download the Parker Modular Crimper brochure for more information.
Please contact Sher-Lok to find out how you can have a Parkrimp Crimper placed at your facility at no charge!

Parker E-Z Form Hose

EZ Form Series 7395 and 7219 
…all knotted up over hose routing problems?   Parker’s new E-Z Form™ hose can help you get around those tough routing challenges.   
Parker Industrial Hose Canada is pleased to introduce two new series of extremely flexible E-Z Form™ suction line hoses. 
Both series are constructed with a special Greek corrugated cover that allow for tight bend installations where other hoses kink.   
Eliminate design, fabrication time and special tooling without sacrificing full-flow performance by specifying E-Z Form™ 

  •  Series 7395, E-Z Form™ GS Hose meets SAE J20R1 D-1. It has an EPDM inner tube and cover, and is rated for full suction service and a maximum working pressure of 75 PSI.  
  •  Series 7219, E-Z Form™ MP Hose has a nitrile inner tube construction with a neoprene cover. It too is rated for full suction service and a maximum working pressure of 75 PSI.


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Parking Tracking System
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