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Sher-Lok Hose & Fittings is a family run, service-oriented company that specializes in providing hydraulic, industrial, and fluid connector products to customers across British Columbia, Canada, and the world. We believe in forging seamless relationships with our customers by providing impeccable service and products at all times.


Sher-Lok Hose & Fittings was established in 1984 operating out of a small warehouse in North Vancouver. At the time, Sher-Lok distributed a single line of instrumentation tube fittings. In 1986, Sher-Lok became a full-line Parker Hannifin distributor vastly expanding their product line into hydraulic and fluid connector products.

In the same year, Sher-Lok moved its location to Burnaby where they would maintain their presence in the industry for 13 years. Through those years, Sher-Lok had acquired a vast and loyal customer base, servicing those customers’ hydraulic and fluid connector needs to the fullest.

In 1999, Sher-Lok moved their facility once more, situating in Delta where they maintain their current location. Since being in Delta, Sher-Lok has increased their already prominent customer base by taking on a new line of instrumentation tube fittings and valves. Sher-Lok proudly distributes Ham-Let Valves & Fittings, continuing Sher-Lok’s commitment of providing their customers with the highest quality products. This product quality commitment and Sher-Lok’s service creates an unbeatable combination.

Another product line that Sher-Lok has acquired is King Ball Valves. This new line gives Sher-Lok the flexibility of supplying their customers with an array of carbon steel, stainless steel, and brass ball valves, gate valves, and check valves at competitive prices.

In August 2007 Sher-Lok opened the first ParkerStore in the lower mainland. A ParkerStore is a retail concept, taking stock from the warehouse and laying it out in a store front where customers can browse and shop at their leisure.

Throughout Sher-Lok’s 25 years of operation, they have maintained their current ownership, forging seamless relationships with their customers and suppliers. And remember, at Sher-Lok Hose & Fittings, service is the key.

For an in-depth look at what Sher-Lok Hose & Fittings offers, please check out the products and services section of the website. You’ll be happy you did.

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Parker Hose Selector

Have an application and you’re not sure which Parker industrial hose to use? Try the Parker Hose Selector to help you find the right hose for your need.

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Have a Parker Crimper? Need to find a crimp specification? Try Parkers Crimp Source. There’s just 3 easy steps:

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Parking Tracking System
Uptime is Everything

Store and retrieve all your critical asset information with the Parker Tracking System. This innovative system provides fast and accurate product identification, speeding replacement regardless of where or when the original hose assembly or component was created. Read more»